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Aradhna – Aradhna means “adoration” in Hindi. Aradhna is a band that fuses traditional Indian spirituals (bhajans) with Christ-centered themes, composed primarily in the Hindi language, in addition to Bihari, Bhojpuri and Braj Basha languages. The band members include Chris Hale (lead vocals, sitar), Peter Hicks (acoustic guitar, sitar), Fiona Hicks (Hindustani violin) and Travis Macafee (bass).
Aradhna was interested in creating an authentic sound for Indian Christ-centered worship which had so far relied heavily on Western hymns and contemporary worship. To make this possible the band turned to India’s bhajan singers and the style of Indian devotion known as ‘bhakti’, expressing faith in ‘Yeshu Krist’.

Dr. Benny Prasad – Benny is an amazing musician who went from humble beginnings in his country of India, to sharing his music and his testimony all over the world, including a performance at the 2006 Athens Olympics.  Benny has performed to huge crowds, small churches, presidents and kings in his musical and spiritual journey. His unique, self-designed “bongo guitar” and his 54 string guitar lend Benny a sound unlike anyone else. His passion for Jesus and his amazing talents are evident when you hear him play, and his personal testimony is very powerful. Mixing Western and Indian music styles, Benny is a “musicianary” having visited 218 and countries and still counting!

El Shaddai – Worshipers of Christ –  3 Years ago, the music band of Haitian Ministry Theophile Church in Christ were brought together to praise the Lord. From other surrounding Haitian churches in the Atlanta area, different musicians came to rehearse every Sunday night to worship the Lord. The faithfulness of the band comes from God and that is why they dedicate their talent to continually Praise His Holy Name. Worshipers Of Christ are blessed with talent to play a variety of genres.  The style of music that they are notably known for is Kompa Direct. This style of music is popular among Haitians around the world. W.O.C. believes that Haitians will come to realize that culture is from God and having faith in Him does not diminish, but only enhances their  nationality.

Arvind Graham –  Propelled by his vision to transmit the Father-heart of God, the music ministry of this native Jamaican is a carrier of God’s love, healing, restoration, hope, peace, and God’s saving power. When he straps his guitar on his back and stands before a mike, get ready for a ride. Whether Arvind is opening for musical stalwarts such as Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, MARYMARY, or leading worship at his local church you’re bound to encounter a delivery encapsulated by endless passion. This passion, ignited by his love relationship with the Lord, is this same passion that brought Arvind to serve at TRANQUILITY BAY – a rehabilitation center for teenagers. It is the same passion that led him to being selected among the top ten in one of Jamaica’s mammoth yearly Gospel Festival Competition in the year 2000, and it is the same passion that brought Arvind to Teen Challenge Jamaica as he and his team members seek to facilitate life transformation for people with life-controlling problems.

Nikhil George –  Nikhil grew up in Nagpur in central India with a love for music that was nurtured by his family and church. Originally a self-taught classical guitarist, he took up the offer to formally study music in the UK in 2007 at the Royal College of Music. Nikhil’s immediate plans include finishing his studies and producing a gospel album for the contemporary Indian church with World Harvest Mission. He is also collaborating with the double Oscar winning composer of Slumdog Millionaire A. R. Rahman on his next project. His vision is to compose and produce music for the urban church in India and to reflect the beauty of God’s love in the film and music industries in India.