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KENYA 2014 – Allan: As We Prepare To Go….

The decision to go was not a difficult one for me. I know a few of the people who make this trip regularly, so any fears or concerns I might have had otherwise are not that scary. I prayed about it, discussed it with my wife, and we decided it was a good way for me to serve. The attack at the Nairobi mall recently shook us up a little bit, but overall making the decision was the easy part.

Leading up to the trip, its seems there are 1,000 things that have yet to be done. The requirements of submitting applications, raising money, learning songs, practicing, getting vaccinated, packing, etc. don’t change the fact that I have to earn a living and be a husband and dad! Still, I’ve been greatly encouraged by the support of friends and family, and I’ve seen God provide the margin I need to accomplish a lot of tasks. Things continue to come together. Life continues on, and everything is OK.

My hope is that God will open my eyes on this trip to what he is up to in the world. I expect that he will show up and that the worship services will minister to the missionaries who will attend. I look forward to being a part of that!