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KENYA 2014 – Charlotte 01-24-14

What a journey. I can not believe the week is almost over. It’s been a very busy week. Very hard to find quiet time to write. I came on this journey not knowing what to expect other than new emotions.  I signed up for the trip not knowing what conditions would be like or really even where I was going except that it was Africa. Â God clearly told me to go and I could not turn back.

I have been going through the week wondering when the emotions would set in. Well I have my answer.  Today, Friday, our third day of service was the day the tears came. The day started off as normal.  Breakfast at 7 and rehearsal at 7:45…yes that is AM not PM. We finished one of our sets with “It Is Well With My Soul”. This has always been a favorite hymn of mine. Today it was different.  I worshiped with a room full of people who need to feel the wellness of soul.  When we finished the room was hushed. In that hushed room I could feel God’s presence.  I began to cry as I realized the need of these people and the wonder that God could use me to minister to them.

Then there was the speaker’s message that reached into my heart. It made me question even more what my calling from God is and question how willing am I to risk ALL for Christ. It is a message that has been repeated over and over many times in recent days of my life.

I heard reports of missionaries who were stranded in war torn South Sudan last month.  They were not able to be evacuated when others were. They had to wait for help, and in that waiting spent many periods under their beds to try and stay out of gun fire. How amazing and dedicated these people are…what love of Christ they have. More tears from my eyes.

I was tasked with bringing a special gift from a co-worker, which was to be given to a person I felt needed to be blessed. I found a person I felt God wanted me to gift. When I presented the gift there were more tears. It was a joy to see this person reminded that God is always present in our lives and will provide in every crisis.

I have found several times today that I do not want to leave. There has been such a joy in serving. When I am here and I am going about Christ’s business, I feel so overwhelmingly at home and at peace. I feel very much that I am plugged into the right place. Â I find myself searching my heart for God’s help and that he will open my eyes and heart to whatever way I can serve. I can only say that I want to follow God’s leading even more than ever. So today has been my day of tears and great emotions as I struggle within to hear what God is speaking to me. Charlotte