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ZIMBABWE-Wendy...Final thoughts

It seems like a time warp. I was in Zimbabwe and now I'm home; what a shift. What a wonderful time in Zimbabwe!! To say that Walter and Ella and their family were gracious hosts is an understatement! We lived with them and worked with them, and quickly developed a deep appreciation for them. We were so warmly embraced by them and by the students. What a blessing and honor to have a part in teaching the mission mobilization team! It was a delight to share joyous worship with singing and dancing, that has a foundation of deep faith in God and commitment to His work.

Our prayers were answered for students to learn quickly because the time was short, for safe travels, and for health. Thank you Lord! As I've met new friends, I have been challenged  again to upgrade my personal times of study and praise. I pray that as I am back in my regular routines, I will pursue those challenges.

One of the things I really loved to see was the way the students were teaching one another. At each break, and after classes ended for the day, students practiced and shared with one another the things they had learned. They were generous and excited about what they had learned. It is also exciting to know that this is just the beginning. Pastor Walter and Ella have their home open for students to come to practice, and they will continue building a mission mobilization team. World Music Mission will continue to help with further training and instruments. This is the beginning of a team that will be sharing the gospel and training new people in ministry. I can't wait to see what God does!! He is faithful and amazing!