Equipping musicians for missionary service
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BELIZE 2017--Jay-Eager Hearts, Eager Hands

At about 8:16 this morning we took a left turn off the pavement onto what could only be described as  an off the beaten path gravel and mud backwoods country road. We had gone about 9 miles West of the seaside town of Punta Gorda to reach this turn and it took us about 10 minutes. We were making good time by any standard. The next 7 miles or so clicked off at an excruciating pace of 1 hour as we bounced, dipped, and splashed our way to Santa Teresa. The rain was steady, the road was muddy, and the guitars were safely tucked in a small Toyota crew cab with four grown men. To us it was the beginning of an adventure.


Imagine though, if you had no truck, and this "road" was your only connection to the necessities of work, school, medical care, and basic supplies. This is life in Santa Teresa where nothing comes easy, but it's all done with a smile, a sense of joy, and wonderful hospitality. That's the attitude that greeted us as we introduced ourselves to the 16 young men and it permeated all we did throughout the day.

The training, though fast paced and intense, was so much fun. Ever bit of information we offered they snatched up and held close. And it wasn't just about learning how to play an instrument. They had a sincere desire to better understand the role they were going to play in their a worship services. They wanted to communicate Jesus with their newly developing skills.


Each one beamed with a light of gratitude as they began to comprehend the impact music has on the heart, especially when carrying the message of Jesus' love and saving grace. The beauty of WMM is unfolding before us as we plant the seeds of ongoing ministry while meeting the needs of Christian brothers whose hearts are as eager as their hands.