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BELIZE 2017--Joal Day I, IV, V

I, IV, V--for the non-musical readers among us, those would be the named numerical identities of the 3 main chords used in a Western Music Major key: the 1 chord (the key you're playing in/ the dominant tonal center) and the 4th and 5th chord of the scale progression. Honestly it's not deep theory, it's not overly complicated; but when it's explained to a young musician and they "get it" it actually is a bit of an "of course!!" kind of moment. But...somebody has to teach it, show it, explain it, play it for that moment to ever arrive. Without the clarity from the theory, the ear will often divine the appropriate chords but there's always uncertainty. With the theory there's anticipation and command of the music.

IMG_3726 IMG_3731

That--the I, IV, V discussion--was what Friday was all about at the church in Santa Teresa village. We had 16 guys willing and ready to learn all things music and worship. We brought the guitars and bass, they have the keyboards. We divided into instrument groupings-Travis taking the guitar posse, Jay handling Bass and conducting/leading, and...Joal handled......wait for it......keyboard. Alright--Go ahead, all my musically knowledgeable friends (particularly those who remember Dr Stillwell at Belhaven College inviting me to NOT return to piano lessons in his studio :) and smirk. Fortunately for my students it was 3 finger chording and explanation.

We spent the better part of 5-6 hours playing music, talking about the role of prayer and Scripture in worship, eating an authentic Kekchi meal and then letting those that could already play a bit practice TOGETHER on a few tunes.

For my fully-musical verbiaged brethren and sistren--we need you. Villages like Santa Teresa, Belize need you. Willing players around the world need you...just to teach, show, explain and play what instrument you know. Join us on the next team.

And by the way, after yesterday, I happen to think Ol' Dr Stillwell would be proud of this piano student now.