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BELIZE 2017--Travis--Sunday-The Differences of the Body

The Church, your church, is made up of a group of different and unique individuals.  Each with their own gifts and abilities. Each with their own part to play in the makeup of the body of Christ.  But let's not forget that the body of Christ is not just made of your local congregation.  It includes believers from all over that make up "The Church". And each church, even within the same denomination, does things a little bit differently.

I love the differences. Today, we worshiped with the Kekchi people of the Santa Teresa village. We were exposed to different things. We exposed them to different things.  We sang songs they knew. We sang songs they had never heard. We sang strictly in English. We accompanied them, while they sang in their native Kekchi tongue. We all worshiped Jesus, together.


They do things differently from the way things happen at my home church. And that is great!  It is exciting for me to see the ways in which our King can be glorified.  I loved to hear their prayers. To hear them sing. I loved watching and listening to their pastor. We came to advance their musicianship. I feel we were largely successful. I came away from the experience renewed and excited to worship again at my home church.  It's the similarities AND the differences that excite and encourage me.

There are similarities in all the churches that follow Christ. There must be. There must always be similarities in the basic tenants on which our faith is based. That is what it is to be a Christian. But the differences should also be embraced. We have been giving creativity and I love to watch it expressed for His glory.  Thank you God for your Church. Thank you God for not making it boring.