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Who we are

Mission Statement: The World Music Mission exists to empower  and celebrate the global worship of Jesus Christ and to facilitate  opportunities for worship leaders, musicians and technicians to use  their gifts in the service of the Kingdom.

The World Music Mission is a  multi-national network of musicians, writers, worship leaders, engineers  and ethno-musicologists who are passionate about using their gifts and  talents in service to the Kingdom of God.  The original vision for the  WMM came from Brent Cundall and Kurt Coble. Kurt  and Brent started the WMM out of Christ Community Church in Franklin TN  in 2008. In 2012, the WMM affiliated with Artists in Christian  Testimony (A.C.T. Intl) www.actinternational.org as the official Mission Sending agency of the World Music Mission.


Brent went on a trip to India and  had a profound and activating experience. He came back passionate to  start an organization that could help facilitate this kind of “transformational service opportunity”  for other musicians and worship leaders. The first trip to Kenya, to  partner with SIM/Sudan, further cemented Brent’s vision for ministering  to the ministers. He realized the need for bringing worship teams to  places where they can share their talents with folks who are longing for  corporate worship in their heart-language. He and his wife, Temple, and  3 children are currently raising funds to go full-time to London to  serve the Asian/Indian/Hindi speaking population through Serge (formerly  World Harvest Mission) and the church plants in Southall. They deploy  in January 2015.

Kurt became a believer in 1992 and  attended a large African-American Church in South Central Los Angeles,  West Angeles Church. He then moved to East L.A with an Hispanic  Evangelist. Kurt has travelled to many Spanish speaking countries and  ministered to Spanish speaking Gypsies in Spain.He has worked for two  Korean families, one Indian family, lived with a Japenese student while  attending Musicians Institute and married into a Lebanese family. All of  these experience gave Kurt a hunger for culture and a desire to unite  the church beyond cultural lines. Kurt has been on staff as a worship  leader and been involved with different denominations; he has a heart  for the body of Christ at large. Kurt and his family are raising funds  to be full-time with WMM as a US based worship leader and teacher who  leads 3-5 teams abroad per year for WMM.


This passion for the Church led Kurt to partner with both Brent Cundall to put “transformational worship experiences”  together. These experiences allow many cultures to worship together on  stage in their own heart/cultural musical language and to encourage the  church to live out now what heaven will be like in the future.  Revelation 7:9 tells of when all Nations, Tribes and Tongues will  worship together forever. These  two visions of transformation through service and worship came  together in the World Music Mission. In 2009, the WMM produced their  first CD, “Sounds of Heaven” and celebrated its release with a kick-off  concert. The CD features music from around the world, including  performances from over 30 musicians from the U.S., Haiti, India, Canada  and England.  

The continued growth and  development of the World Music Mission has been helped by the addition  of Joal Devendorf to the Mission Accountability Board. Joal serves as  the Administrative Director of the WMM. He led the first four Kenya WMM  teams (See Kenya 2010–2013 under Missions heading). He received his  Vocal Music Performance degree from Belhaven University and has been on  staff as a worship leader. Joal and his family live in Texas. He organizes and schedules the WMM teams. To contact Joal call  1-615-477-3525 or email joald@bellsouth.net.

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